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Catching lighting bolts with the help of a kite. Experiments with lighting bolts

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Do not try performed in this video. Contact with hazardous voltage results in injury or death. All of what is performed in this video is performed by professionals.
The aim of our scientific experiment is to make a lighting bolt strike what we want it to. Also we are going to make some measurements and perform some experiments. For that purpose we wrapped a thin wire around the pressure vessel in a way that makes it easy to unreel it. The kite will lift one of wire"e;s ends close to a thundercloud. The other end is attached to the pressure vessel which is placed on the ground. Two electrical shunts are connected to the pressure vessel in order to measure current intensity in a lighting bolt. We also connected different household appliances in order to see what destructive power of a lighting bolt will cause. Unfortunately this time our attempt failed. Though we did try to catch it quiet a long time, placing the kite right under the thunderclouds. Our kite wasn"e;t struck by a lighting bolt though it did strike lots of times not far away from us. There is not much information about such issues in the Internet, most probably not many people want to catch a lighting bolt. Maybe you know what"e;s wrong with that. Why a lighting bolt doesn"e;t strike the kite. You can send us your suggestions. And we will ride the whirlwind together! We won"e;t shrink back! There is more to come on our channel

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