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Trick Wheel - Transitions - Inspiration for Kitesurfing Tricks

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Get some inspiration for your next session and add a little extra to your transitions with the Progression Trick Wheel. Find out more:

The best kitesurfing progression comes for continually adding something new to a trick you"e;ve already got to grips with, whether that"e;s throwing in a grab, downloop or a rotation. The Progression Trick Wheel offers an easy way to get inspiration for that next trick, keep your sessions interesting!

For transitions we have the following:

- Heel Carve
- Carving turn with a downloop
- Darkslides

- Aerial Transitions
- Aerial transitions with a kiteloop
- Aerial Transitions to toeside

- Back roll transition
- Front roll one footer transition
- Back roll transition with a hand plant

Many of these tricks are available through The Progression Player iOS & Android App or the Progression Intermediate Volume 2 & Advanced DVDs:


Kite Widow NG yoyo tricks
Endurance snow kite race - Red Bull Ragnarok - Norway