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Alexander Graham Bell Thought the Future of Flight was Giant Kites

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In his research, Bell had become obsessed with the idea of creating a kite large enough to carry a man. He actually created the box kite design in this quest to create the ultimate kite. This particular design joined several triangular kites together with a frame to create a box. Doing so increased the kites surface area with little increase in weight – a good measure of improved flight capability.

Upon this innovation Bell joined several box-like kites together to create larger pyramidal kites that are known as tetrahedral kites. It"e;s one of nature"e;s most stable strucles, so why wouldn"e;t it also lead to the future of human flight...right?

While Bell"e;s prediction for the future of flight might have been a little misguided looking back, at the time when aeronautical innovation didn"e;t have set bounds, he was on the cutting edge.

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