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How Not to Power Kite - Lincoln City, Oregon

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This is my Thunderfoil 2.4 meter power kite. I"e;ve been waiting to fly it with a little bit of wind. If you watch my other power kite videos, they"e;re pretty lame. Well, this one is, too, but it"e;s a little more entertaining than the others. At least there"e;s a bit of wind this time. Winds were fairly consistent ... about 17 or 18 miles per hour. The location is Lincoln City, Oregon. It was the perfect place and just the right amount of wind to fly my power kite. A little more wind would have been cool, but then you"e;d have really seen me make an idiot out of myself.

The music is Another One Bites the Dust (obviously) by Skinny Patrini. It"e;s a free download from


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