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NOBILE 50/Fifty Kite 2018

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50/Fifty is the Superman of kites. It will do anything you want in the blink of an eye and is used by all Nobile pro-riders. We have combined the advantages of C-shape kites with complete, stiff bridling, thus getting the best features of both types of kite. The 50/Fifty quickly generates huge power that remains during tricks and allows you to reduce the power immediately. It is also characterized by an immediate reaction to steering and an incredibly connected feeling on the bar. It is extremely stable...

Alexander Graham Bell Thought the Future of Flight was Giant Kites

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In his research, Bell had become obsessed with the idea of creating a kite large enough to carry a man. He actually created the box kite design in this quest to create the ultimate kite. This particular design joined several triangular kites together with a frame to create a box. Doing so increased the kites surface area with little increase in weight – a good measure of improved flight capability.Upon this innovation Bell joined several box-like kites together to create larger pyramidal kites...

Kite Widow NG yoyo tricks

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Yo-Yo Based Tricks

Trick Wheel - Transitions - Inspiration for Kitesurfing Tricks

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Get some inspiration for your next session and add a little extra to your transitions with the Progression Trick Wheel. Find out more: best kitesurfing progression comes for continually adding something new to a trick you"e;ve already got to grips with, whether that"e;s throwing in a grab, downloop or a rotation. The Progression Trick Wheel offers an easy way to get inspiration for that next trick, keep your sessions interesting!For transitions we have...

Endurance snow kite race - Red Bull Ragnarok - Norway

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Experience the snow kite racing scene here Bull Ragnarok in Hardangervidda, Norway, is an endurance snow kite competition at Europe"e;s biggest mountain plateau. This isn"e;t your average day in the park, the challenging 63 mile (100 km) long track has tough natural obstacles with huge mountain climbs and descents.For the air beneath your kite check out http://RedBull.com_Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before....