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Level One Jump kite

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Quite impressive video for a beginner kite from Level One. Looks like Marcel on the lines. Enjoy!

Kite Crash 8

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Please Suscribe for more Crashes to come Ride hard and always wear a camera ;)Song: Vengeance by Proversion.

Römö / Schillig Ostern 2011 Kite Landboarding / Kitesurfing Flysurfer Speed 3...

Watched 193 times

Ein cooler Urlaub in Römö und Schillig ... Auf Land und Wasser .... Mit meiner neuen Flysurfer Speed 3 21 m²

Crazilly Power Kiting

Watched 85 times

Hi everyone..rrI had my cousin over for the weekend and since the weater had turned nice and abit windy, we spend the day playing with my powerkites HeHerrDid a few small jumps and had a really nice time

EXTREME Kitelifting Jump!!!! 115 FEET IN THE AIR!

Watched 94 times

Peter Knof and Lucas Waldenmeier get pulled by a four wheeler, reaching 115ft!If you"e;re into kiteboarding and are looking for a place to buy instructor recommended equipment go to the following pages:http://www.powerkitesdirect.com