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LET"e;S FLY A KITE! w/Candace Carrizales

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Steve and Candace fly a beautiful kite in the wind.

A Demonstration of the Kite and Key Experiment

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The kite and key experiment at Benjamin Franklin House

Ben Franklin & His Kite

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Amazing Science Experiment: Learn how to make Make A kite that fly forever with help of magnet , paper and pencil. Impress your friend with this Kite which never falls.There are many more Interesting videos available in this channel "Indian Life Hacker ".My other Youtube Channel:INDIAN LIFE HACKER : Science, Art & Magic LIFE HACKER : Rubik"e;s...

Catching lighting bolts with the help of a kite. Experiments with lighting bolts

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Do not try performed in this video. Contact with hazardous voltage results in injury or death. All of what is performed in this video is performed by professionals. The aim of our scientific experiment is to make a lighting bolt strike what we want it to. Also we are going to make some measurements and perform some experiments. For that purpose we wrapped a thin wire around the pressure vessel in a way that makes it easy to unreel it. The kite will lift one of wire"e;s ends close to a thundercloud....