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Giant Bamboo Kites!!!It was so much fun seeing the local community in Cuyo come together for a traditional Borador Kite Flying competition! The kites were awesome... but the community spirit was even more epic!!THIS WAS SO COOL!If you have a chance to watch traditional kite flying in the Philippines, make sure you do it!Super Apir!*** FOR MORE STORIES AND ADVENTURES CHECK OUT MY FACEBOOK PAGE: #BecomingFilipinoMusic: Epidemic Sound

OG Niels Montage | The Insane Kite Master

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Hey guys, you can support me on Patreon Niels Montage | The Insane Kite Master | The Boy Who Destroyed Every Fnactic"e;s TurretHope you guys enjoyed the montage, I couldn"e;t find a lot of gameplay as it is Niels"e; first split in LCS.As always, like if you enjoyed, subscribe to see my future montage (1-2 every weekend) and share it with your friend...

LET"e;S FLY A KITE! w/Candace Carrizales

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Steve and Candace fly a beautiful kite in the wind.

A Demonstration of the Kite and Key Experiment

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The kite and key experiment at Benjamin Franklin House

Ben Franklin & His Kite

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