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Kite Widow NG yoyo tricks

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Yo-Yo Based Tricks

LET"e;S FLY A KITE! w/Candace Carrizales

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Steve and Candace fly a beautiful kite in the wind.

Endurance snow kite race - Red Bull Ragnarok - Norway

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Experience the snow kite racing scene here Bull Ragnarok in Hardangervidda, Norway, is an endurance snow kite competition at Europe"e;s biggest mountain plateau. This isn"e;t your average day in the park, the challenging 63 mile (100 km) long track has tough natural obstacles with huge mountain climbs and descents.For the air beneath your kite check out http://RedBull.com_Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before....

A Demonstration of the Kite and Key Experiment

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The kite and key experiment at Benjamin Franklin House

Kite Flying

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Kite Festival is observed almost a month in January every year. 14Jan2018 is Celebrated as Makarsankranti festival also known as festival of kites.Buy Kite Charkhi, Firki and Thread : (affiliate)Premium 12Mm Fibre Charkhi : (affiliate)