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Kite Widow NG yoyo tricks

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Yo-Yo Based Tricks

Kite Flying

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Kite Festival is observed almost a month in January every year. 14Jan2018 is Celebrated as Makarsankranti festival also known as festival of kites.Buy Kite Charkhi, Firki and Thread : (affiliate)Premium 12Mm Fibre Charkhi : (affiliate)

Giant octopus kite flying at Marina Barrage

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BEST kiteboarding and windsurfing epic fails, crashes, and kooks

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Kiteboarders and windsurfers in La Ventana Meixco crash, fail, and act like kooks.

Kite-flying and an air display

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My 1,104th kite video. A small display by our air force (which is almost bereft of planes these days) added interest to an otherwise quiet day of kite-flying.