Kite Flying

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Kiteboarding: Top 5 Tricks For Beginners!

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This is for any kitesurfer who has gotten to the point of riding up wind and is ready to start having a little more fun on the water!New Vlogs / Videos every Monday & Friday! Subscribe - For a peek into the life of a Pro Kiteboarder living in the islands. Things I like to talk about? Kiteboarding, Camera Gear and staying motivated to go after the life you want!More Fun Stuff On Instagram Follow Me - Andre -...

Kite Surfing Gone Wrong

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He shouldn"e;t have tried to loop it...

Crazilly Power Kiting

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Hi everyone..rrI had my cousin over for the weekend and since the weater had turned nice and abit windy, we spend the day playing with my powerkites HeHerrDid a few small jumps and had a really nice time

The biggest asshole on Kitebeach 2010

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Jean Claude The Biggest Asshole on Kitebeach 2010