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kitesurf how to jump

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This kiteboarding / kitesurfing video aims to give you the safest way to learn to jump. Showing you first how to do small jumps, that build your kite skills. You should aim to land lots of small jumps first. The video then shows you the technique for pulling off large jumps without landing hard. And then finally some general tips on launch, landing, kiteboard control and spinning. I hope you enjoy this kite jump tutorial.

How to Kitesurf: Transitions (Turns)

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This video guides you through the kitesurf transition - changing direction without sinking. NEW VERSION OUT NOW:

Kite Surfing Gone Wrong

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He shouldn"e;t have tried to loop it...


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World"e;s Biggest Snowkite Race - Red Bull Ragnarok

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Snowkiting enthusiasts from around the world gathered on the icy mountain plains of Hardangervidda in Norway, to take part in the world"e;s largest snowkite race: Red Bull Ragnarok. With shifty winds and some seriously icy conditions, only 4 of the 300 kiters we"e;re able to complete the course in full, making it the toughest competition to date. Check out some of the best action from Red Bull Ragnarok 2015!_Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the...