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Kiteboarding: Top 5 Tricks For Beginners!

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This is for any kitesurfer who has gotten to the point of riding up wind and is ready to start having a little more fun on the water!New Vlogs / Videos every Monday & Friday! Subscribe - For a peek into the life of a Pro Kiteboarder living in the islands. Things I like to talk about? Kiteboarding, Camera Gear and staying motivated to go after the life you want!More Fun Stuff On Instagram Follow Me - Andre -...

Hilarious Summer vs. Winter Fails (June 2017) || FailArmy

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Get out your flip flop and snowboards ready, because summer vs. winter fails is here. Enjoy some of the funniest fails featuring slip-n-slides, boat fails, snowboard fails and other summer vs. winter fun. Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and as always submit your video to SUBMIT YOUR VIDEOS! SUBSCRIBE! • • •...


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JOIN Equals Three Studios -- me on Instagram me on Twitter Equals Three on Vine are the links to the full videos contained in this episode of Equals Three. Please don"e;t...

kitesurf how to jump

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This kiteboarding / kitesurfing video aims to give you the safest way to learn to jump. Showing you first how to do small jumps, that build your kite skills. You should aim to land lots of small jumps first. The video then shows you the technique for pulling off large jumps without landing hard. And then finally some general tips on launch, landing, kiteboard control and spinning. I hope you enjoy this kite jump tutorial.

LEN10 - Career highlights

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Thanks for all the love and support over the years. Life"e;s good and we keep on rocking!! Ride hard and fly high!