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The best of crash of Kitesurf, accident...

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Crash of Kite. flysurf, and Very Big Jump in Storm....

How to tie a kite string | How to Tie Kite Knots | Kite Flying Tips by Sparsh...

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How to tie Kite Knots - Kite flying is an old tradition especially on the occasion of Independence day in India (15th Aug). The biggest challenge for any beginner is to tie the strings to the kite in the first place. If this step is not done correctly, one can never fly a kite.

Genesis stunt kite Standard TRICKS GALLORE

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This is not my video. I uploaded this because at the time, there were very few videos of stunt kites on youtube. Credit goes to the pilot: Erich Vogl and camera: Brigitte GstottnerGenesis Stunt kite made by Level one kites. This is a trick kite that is made to do alot of insane moves that I can"e;t even do on my genesis. If you want more information about stunt kites, the first place you should go to is: and join the forums there. the gwtw forums is the...

Craziest and Funniest Stunt Kite Ever at Huntington Beach, California

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Jukin Media Verified (Original)For licensing / permission to use: Contact - Shot at Huntington Beach. One of the funniest things I"e;ve ever seen in my life!!! 1/5/13Kite Info: Custom Rev 1.5 SUL in the Black/Lime color patternPilot: Dave who is the owner of the kite store "The Kite Connection" at the pier in Huntington Beach, CA. Call Dave to order your very own stunt kite: (714) 536-3630

U2 - Kite

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Live from boston "e;01