Kite Flying

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Power kite surfers get flung into air

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Guys at a beach get flung in the air by a huge kite in high winds while flying a huge power kite.

Kite flying for beginners

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Kite flying for beginners and novice flyers.How to fly a kite? - See how to launch a kite and keep it flying and other basics of kite flying.If you choose to give this a thumbs down - Please tell why and we will try to make the next video better.

Kite Surf Crash Fail Compilation 2016 - How to crash ?

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Kite Surf Crash Fail Compilation 2016 : Kiteloop, unhooked, accident... crash ! crash ! crash !

Dragon Flyer - Pal Takats extreme kite flying in Chile

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Follow: Takats flying a 12m2 Spleene SPX tube kite in turbulent, thermal conditions in the Atacama desert. The big flight took 2 minutes from a height of around 600 meters over the landing place.rClick to subscribe for new videos:

Kite Tubing Fails Compilation

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Kite Tubing Fails Compilation