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Trick Wheel - Transitions - Inspiration for Kitesurfing Tricks

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Get some inspiration for your next session and add a little extra to your transitions with the Progression Trick Wheel. Find out more: best kitesurfing progression comes for continually adding something new to a trick you"e;ve already got to grips with, whether that"e;s throwing in a grab, downloop or a rotation. The Progression Trick Wheel offers an easy way to get inspiration for that next trick, keep your sessions interesting!For transitions we have...

Power kite surfers get flung into air

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Guys at a beach get flung in the air by a huge kite in high winds while flying a huge power kite.

Kite-flying and an air display

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My 1,104th kite video. A small display by our air force (which is almost bereft of planes these days) added interest to an otherwise quiet day of kite-flying.

A Demonstration of the Kite and Key Experiment

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The kite and key experiment at Benjamin Franklin House

Kite flying for beginners

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Kite flying for beginners and novice flyers.How to fly a kite? - See how to launch a kite and keep it flying and other basics of kite flying.If you choose to give this a thumbs down - Please tell why and we will try to make the next video better.