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Dragon Flyer - Pal Takats extreme kite flying in Chile

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Follow: Takats flying a 12m2 Spleene SPX tube kite in turbulent, thermal conditions in the Atacama desert. The big flight took 2 minutes from a height of around 600 meters over the landing place.rClick to subscribe for new videos:

How to Kite jump Part 1 / Vidéo pédago Kitejumping

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How to Kite jump Part 1 / Vidéo pédago Kitejumping

Römö / Schillig Ostern 2011 Kite Landboarding / Kitesurfing Flysurfer Speed 3...

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Ein cooler Urlaub in Römö und Schillig ... Auf Land und Wasser .... Mit meiner neuen Flysurfer Speed 3 21 m²

Most epic static KITE FAIL ever!

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Most epic static KITE FAIL ever! Check out this epic KITE fail video!About the guy:"unconscious on impact but came round after 5 minutes. lucky the crew were so fast to respond. Some internal injuries and a week in hospital but now all 100% and riding as hard as ever ;-)"Credits go to on VIMEO:

Jumping over land! KEVVLOG #29

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The storm wasn"e;t as strong as I thought it would be, but the jumping was still good fun. two sessions a day keeps the doctor away. Enjoy watching my new vlog and place let me know what you think and don"e;t forget to subscribe.Also follow me onInstagram: