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Kite survival at sea

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Ability to cross the ocean. 2015 : The Pacific Dinghy Kite Challenge from Los Angeles to Honolulu to follow on

How Not to Power Kite - Lincoln City, Oregon

Watched 51 times -- best web host -- OVER 50% OFF! -- My Boring Channel"e;s WebsiteThis is my Thunderfoil 2.4 meter power kite. I"e;ve been waiting to fly it with a little bit of wind. If you watch my other power kite videos, they"e;re pretty lame. Well, this one is, too, but it"e;s a little more entertaining than the others. At least there"e;s a bit of wind this time. Winds were fairly consistent ... about 17 or 18 miles per hour. The...

How to Kite jump Part 1 / Vidéo pédago Kitejumping

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How to Kite jump Part 1 / Vidéo pédago Kitejumping

Control & Riding Upwind - Kiteboarding Technique & Tips

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Find out more: is an exert taken from the Riding & Staying Upwind video, which is part of the Progression Kiteboarding Beginner Collection.The Riding & Staying Upwind chapter has over 30 minutes of instruction helping beginner kitesurfers move on from wobbly first runs, gain control of the board and kite, through proper edging, balance, stance and ultimately mastering riding upwind - saving you from the dreaded walk of shame up the beach in-between...

Jesse Richman: World Record Kiteboard Flying from 790ft

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Join Me: 2013"e;s Red Bull King of the Air perform a 790-foot tow-up over the Colombia River Gorge in Oregon. This stunt has never been accomplished by a kiteboarder before.Stunt man -- Jesse RichmanStunt Coordinator -- Jon (Bam Bam) MalbergDirector/Cameraman - Michael Peterson Edit: Olivier SautetProduction CrewDirector/Cameraman - Michael Peterson Additional Camera work:Kevin TokstadKevin DonaldRod...