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How Not to Power Kite - Lincoln City, Oregon

Watched 124 times -- best web host -- OVER 50% OFF! -- My Boring Channel"e;s WebsiteThis is my Thunderfoil 2.4 meter power kite. I"e;ve been waiting to fly it with a little bit of wind. If you watch my other power kite videos, they"e;re pretty lame. Well, this one is, too, but it"e;s a little more entertaining than the others. At least there"e;s a bit of wind this time. Winds were fairly consistent ... about 17 or 18 miles per hour. The...

Kite survival at sea

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Ability to cross the ocean. 2015 : The Pacific Dinghy Kite Challenge from Los Angeles to Honolulu to follow on

Kite Surf Crash Fail Compilation 2014

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Kite Surf Crash Fail Compilation 2014

Basics of Kite Flying - Learn How to Kiteboard with Laurel Eastman

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Kitesurfer falls into swarm of sharks at Delray Beach Kiteboarding.

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Learn how to kiteboard at Kiteboarder gets chased by 100"e;s of sharks while kitesurfing a closed beach in Florida. Go Pro HD camera captures 100"e;s of swarming sharks. See 10 foot bull sharks racing towards kiteboarder as he surfs waves off of delray beach. Learn kiteboarding at